Reyntje de vos , an online children's clothing shop that goes all out for sustainable, high-quality and trendy clothing.

Because sustainable doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style :-)


We are Frederic and Petra, mom and dad of Manou and Victor and Sangdji. Together we form the Reynaert family. A close-knit family where our kids are central.

Julie kids and our kids will face many challenges. We believe in a fair and sustainable future for our children on this amazing planet. And want to try to make a small contribution to reduce the ecological footprint. That's why we ship your orders twice a week. And let's face it, waiting a day longer for that one nice dress only makes it more exciting, doesn't it?

We went looking for clothing that meets the following conditions:

- Durable - high quality - Made from organic cotton - beautiful, hip, timeless and comfortable.

This way you can be sure that what you buy under the heading of "sustainable" is really sustainable. You can find more information on our Sustainable clothing page.


First and foremost, of course, is our collection, which is always selected with great care and love.

The personal approach, we are easily accessible by phone or email and always respond to your questions within 24 hours.

We pay a lot of attention to packaging the clothes. Receiving a package from Reyntje de Vos should make you happy :-)

In addition to the online shop, you can also come by appointment for styling advice or to try on the clothing.